Dresden, 17th of December

I attended the Sergey Ivanov’s workshop, a photographer – artist. I also added artist because an artist spend time in front of his creation and giving them a different flair, leaving a huge photo and technique gap  between him and other photographers. An artist who is offering fairy-tale pictures.

Attending to his workshop, I tried to retain as many features in the process shooting – > photo editing. Combining my skills, my style and the technique taught by him gave me the result as seen in the pictures from this article. I wanted to make a change, which is more about photo editing, true ; and also to have a diverse portfolio and photos provided to the clients .
Obstinately I write at the beginning of the new year’s calendar year: “To progress means changing first .” True , change is a risk ( in my case ) or you lose customers or earn more.



Sergey Ivanov




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