How about making a Destination Wedding Florence, Italy?

Highlights of destination Wedding celebrations in Florence:

Middle ages and Renaissance Palaces for event and also functions.

Remarkable bottle of wines and superior Tuscan food.

A city steeped in beauty, art as well as design; there is a treasure at every corner.

The romantic Boboli Gardens for walking.

Airport terminals close by: Florence (under Thirty Minutes) as well as Pisa (1 hr).

Finest time to wed in Florence: all year round.


The stunning beauty of Renaissance Florence offers the most memorable background for your Italian wedding celebration occasion in Tuscany. The elegant Arno River winds through its center producing an incredibly enchanting setting.

It is simple to see why destination wedding Florence continues to be every person’s favored Italian city. Florence is a happiness to find walking as well as supplies an unlimited option of fantastic monuments, churches as well as parks. The agrarian Boboli Gardens are a pleasure to explore and royal residence galleries such as the Palazzo Pitti as well as the superlative Uffizi Gallery are fulled of several of the globe’s finest art. The Oltrearno (the other side of the Arno) is the Left Financial institution of Florence, fulled of quaint craft shops, fine art stores and fantastic dining establishments.

destination wedding florence

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Distinctive Italy Weddings will certainly handle every specific for your Jewish, Civil, Protestant, Catholic or Symbolic destination wedding in Florence. Civil wedding events are executed in the Sala Rossa of the Palazzo Vecchio on the city’s essential square: the Piazza della Signoria. Your destination wedding Florence Catholic wedding event can be celebrated in one of the finest Renaissance churches fulled of creative treasures. Located in the historical heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the charming Arno stream it is an unforgettable setup for your religious oath exchange.

Florence’s Synagogue is just one of the most gorgeous in Italy and the website for Orthodox Jewish weddings destination in Florence. It was built in 1874 and the granite as well as travertine stonework is reflective of Tuscany’s artistic heritage.

Protestant as well as symbolic events are feasible in royal residences, villas and yards in as well as outside Florence. It is additionally possible to organize a Protestant destination wedding in Florence. One of Italy’s finest Protestant churches is in Florence.

destination wedding florence

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Tuscan food is perhaps the most renowned of all Italian local cuisines and will be the highlight of your wedding event function in Florence. Our wedding celebration designers could arrange for a rustic typical Tuscan dish in a regular Florentine restaurant, or an over the leading castle or rental property function in the involving foothills, total with fireworks and also multi-course reception.

Unique Italy Weddings welcomes you to experience the glory of experiencing your destination wedding celebration in Florence with our group of seasoned wedding celebration developers.

It is easy to view why Florence remains everybody’s preferred Italian city. The Oltrearno (the various other side of the Arno) is the Left Bank of Florence, loaded with enchanting craft shops, fine art shops and fantastic restaurants.

Protestant and symbolic weddings are possible in palaces, vacation homes as well as yards in and outside Florence. It is additionally feasible to prepare a Protestant location wedding event in Florence. One of Italy’s finest Protestant churchs is in Florence.

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