Italy wedding in Venice

Certainly, the frame is important; and with its unique sights, the mysterious and intriguing street, which surrounds the lagoon, the magical air that you breathe here, it’s not a fact that Italy wedding in Venice will offer couples who want to make their wedding in Venice the most nothing less than enchanting. .

Equally sure is that the ability to tell a love story set against the backdrop of a unique setting goes left in the hands of a deservedly professional photographer in Venice. It’s like a fairy tale, in itself beautiful, draws power from the talent of the storyteller who brings out the finest details, and highlight the most exciting suggestions. italy wedding

Among the photographers for weddings in Venice, Cristi Sebastian is astoryteller” as the poetic craft now lost in the frenzy of modernity that, through their art, they can still bring poetry into a location for itself rare and unique.

For this Cristi Sebastian will be able to offer a full range of wedding services that will frame the photos of the most beautiful day:

        –  the prenuptial photo shoot in a place dear to you ;

        –  the projection of the Italian wedding photos on the evening of the event to the tune of your favorite song, as a surprise for the guests;

        –  the major trends in the world; 

        – Trash the Dress;

        – Photo booth for fun not only during but also after the wedding, through the medium of communication par excellence imaginative photography.

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italy wedding

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